Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.
Jessi Lane Adams

At our shop we sell only fresh
coffee beans and grind them
upon your request.

Coffee is a fascinating drink with an exciting history. The flavour of freshly ground or freshly brewed coffee is always promising enjoyment. Coffee is the most popular drink in the world after water. Coffee is the one of the world’s most important commodities; it ranks second only to petroleum in terms of dollars traded worldwide. Millions of people around the world earn their living from it. Today, coffee is grown almost everywhere along the equatorial belt.

The coffee plant (Coffea Rubiaceen) grows as bush or as a tree (4-10m high). The coffee bean as we know it, is the seed of the coffee plant. The cherry-like fruits contain two seeds facing each other on their flat sides. The seeds are covered by a thin skin and a membrane. There are more than 80 coffee types, two of which predominate today: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (Robusta). The world leader in production of green coffee is Brazil, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.

A hot bath refreshes the body,
A hot tea refreshes the mind
Japanese saying

Tea is one of the ancient drinks known to the mankind. The story of tea began in China. Today, tea is more than just a beverage. Drinking tea does not just mean enjoying an aromatic drink, it also has a positive effect on your health. Tea can be stimulating – but also soothing; it can ease communication – but it also offers time to pause and reflect. In its diversity tea combines tradition and innovation.

Black, Green, White and Oolong teas come from the leaves of the plant with the scientific name Camellia sinensis – an evergreen plant that grows mainly in tropical and subtropical climates. The teas differ by levels of fermentation processing. Black is fully fermented, Oolong is partially fermented, and Green and White teas are unfermented. Major tea producers are China, Japan, India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Taiwan (Formosa.), Vietnam, Africa, etc.

Approach a great painting as thou wouldst approach a great prince.
Kobori Enshiu

We are very proud for our assortment, our strategy is that only items convincing through high quality and excellent design are presented at our shop. We have many items, tea sets pot and cups, various mug, cups, cast iron teapots, tea strainers, handmade porcelain in attractive packaging. Our items are produced in China, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, England and Thailand.

As well in our online shop you can find Gaggia coffee machines for a home, professional coffee machines Wega, Belogia and many accessories (milk jug, tampers, cleaning products for coffee machines, thermometers and more).to prepare high quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate.