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Crème De Orange /China


From sunrise to sunset enjoy the unforgettable taste sensation of our premium blend with the well-loved flavour combination of oranges and vanilla.

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Earl Grey Green/China


 Earl Grey is the one of the most popular flavoured teas. Earl Grey friends can now finally discover Green tea with delicate bergamot flavour.

Ginger Apple /China


The flavour combination of crisp apples and other local fruits with the delicately tangy green tea aroma offers a perfect tea indulgence. 

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Jasmine Tea /China


Jasmine tea is practically the Chinese national drink and is consumed at any time of the day and on every occasion.

Macabeo /China


The aromatic bouquet composed of exotic fruits,of light, tangy, fresh citrus nuances and a hint of delicate, flowery jasmine promises a very special pleasure.

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Relax /China


Ingredients: Green tea, tulsi, apple pieces, melissa, orange peel, lemongrass, lime tree blossoms, lemon verbena, marigold and mallow petals, strawberry flavour