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Pinacolada /Germany


The non-alcoholic equivalent to the popular and world-famous cocktail classic is hot on the trail of its counterpart. A lively fresh and fruity taste thanks to appetizing pineapple, a hint of cream, as well as a dash of fine coconut aroma are the secrets of this very delicious tea variety.

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Strawberry Cream /Germany


The look of our decorative, large pieces of the queen of the berries promises a great taste: a fruity and creamy composition of fruit and berries, refined with full, intense strawberry flavours and cream notes, melts on your tongue.

Strawberry/Chocolate/Organic Germany


And now get ready for a very special new addition to our organic assortment: crispy chocolate takes the stage, in its tow the juicy strawberry. Both are united to a fitting combination, which makes you yearn for more. Enjoy this tea on a sunny day while watching the juicy strawberries ripen in your garden.