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Chakra Tea(No added Flavouring) Germany


Come and begin a journey through your body and bring it with spirit and soul into harmony. Let the effect of all these individual spices and colours do their deed. Chakra is Sanskrit for Wheel. From the root to the crown, the energy is flowing.



The typical chamomile character of this infusion is particularly intense.

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Feng Shui(Welness) Germany


According to Feng Shui, the elements are represented by the colours green, red yellow, silver and blue as well as the forms twined, pointy, flat, round and curly which all represent an ingredient in our herb tea blend, which is rounded of which the balance of natural flavours. Now it is your turn to add the fifth element WATER for your very own experience of harmony!

Ginger Aronia Berry /Germany


Who are the companions of the aronia berry, which is becoming more and more popular? Strong and spicy ginger, sweet fennel and aniseed, fresh lemongrass and cooling mint, altogether with a subtle note of the liquorice root and a hint of light sage. Delicate rose petals and whole star aniseed put the final touches on the decoration of this blend. Let yourself be surprised by this organic blend.

Good Night / Germany


It really is a purely relaxing pleasure that makes you forget about all the bad things in the world.

Ingredients: chamomile, mint leaves, blackberry leaves, rose petals, orange blossoms, lavender blossoms.

Hibiscus Blossom / Sudan


Hibiscus blossoms contain citric acid,t has refreshing effect during hot days, also hibiscus tea restore blood pressure and counteracts the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

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NANA Mint /Morocco


 The name spearmint derives probably from its specific mint taste, with no menthol nuances. Moroccan NANA Mint is a traditional drink for the population of this African country and can be drunk at any time of the year. 

Rose Hips Peel / Bulgaria


The rose hip is dried in wood-burning stoves, it is especially suitable as a single fruit  for a delicious and thirst-quenching infusion.